Monday, August 5, 2013

It's about time!!!

Well in a few short months it will have been almost a year since I posted...a year!  So I figure that I should be doing some posting rather than just reading and shopping online...oh ya and don't forget Pinterst!

I came across a site that has a new challenge and you have two whole weeks to create...the theme is down by the sea (summer) and you can check it out here at Parade Your Crafts so I'm going to try and see if I can get something posted.

I have been working on learning projects - I have a new Mac so I've had to learn how to use it, along with that is learning how to use photoshop - I haven't attempted to digi scrap yet with the Mac but I'm almost there! I've made a few cards which now take me forever since I haven't been doing them on a regular basis! I've taught myself how to knit....I even made an alligator scarf!
So I'm going to try and do more and post more and see where this all leads to!

Thanks for stopping by!