Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New blog look...

I have been very inspired by the look of everyones blog - just amazed at how great they all look and have been wondering "how'd they do that" - rather than spend my spare time on making cards, I thought I would do a little research and see how I could make some changes....So what do you think?
The blog background was free at My Style Backgounds - it came with a blinkie so you can click on it or check out her site here fantastic georgous backgrounds and headers - wow very unbelievable!  So this is where I got my background from.
The header that I used if from another great site - I found them I think while looking up fonts Kevin & Amanda they have a great blog - the digital files used were a free download from Kevin & Amanda and are from her Fall 2009 Collection.  So I managed to figure out how to create my own header and the background is from My Style backgrounds - both using Amanda Fall 2009 collection.
I don't think I will get to any cards today!  I hope you like the change ~
Thanks for stopping by!

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