Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling OLD? ...think again!

We went for a little drive on Sunday to see this big old rock - and to stop at Dairy Queen!
We were well behaved - we didn't bring any spray paint and we didn't climb it - we obeyed all the rules!
It was big alright and old - you can read more about it here!

"The Big Rock" is the world's largest known glacial erratic--rock transported far from its place of origin by glacial ice. Big Rock, also known as the Okotoks Erratic, is the largest rock in the Foothills Erratics Train, a group of rocks that were carried by ice along the mountain front and dropped as the glacier melted some 10,000 years ago. The erratics lie in a narrow band extending from Jasper National Park to northern Montana. The Okotoks Erratic weighs 16,500 tons. It measures 9 metres high, 41 metres long and 18 metres wide. The rock has been eroded into pieces, but is still a large landmark on the flat prairie.

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