Sunday, June 24, 2012

Thanks Jessica Sprague ....

I have a new look on my blog thanks to a free Photo Shop class offered this past week at Jessica Sprague!  My blog was originally set up with the help of a template that did not belong to blogger - it was great and unique but I had no clue how to change anything.  I took a blog design class last year at Jessica Sprague but could not get it to work for me and it just sort of went by the wayside!  Well this quick photo shop refresher class helped me to create a new blog header. After about 15 tries and many trips back to the class forum I DID IT!  ....Since all your class lessons stay with you for life at Jessica Sprague, I might just have to go back and revisit the entire blog design class - just not today....I have some brushes to play with! 

Happy Sunday & thanks for stopping by!