Friday, December 4, 2009

Simple Doodles...Band Aid...Has this ever happened to you???

This card is for Simple Doodles - the band aid is one of their soon to be released images - hop on over and check em out!
I used the digi image, printed on some mm paper, sakura gloss pen on the heart, some wheely cute buttons (lol), the car and words are cut on the cricut, threading water punch and trusty bazzill card stock. 
This card is dedicated to all of my friends who just can't help let things get in the way of their car!  With malls being busy they will fight for a parking spot - crash into a shopping bugy or yikes...why was the cement at the bottom of the pole so wide (who knew!!)??...and since when is the curb 1 1/2 feet tall??  You know who you are and this card is dedicated to you!
Happy shopping, safe driving and thanks for stopping by!


CraftBelle said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
This card is definitely for me - I pranged my car in an empty car park. Doh!
Will go an check out 'Simple Doodles' next ;-)

Linda said...

What a super cute card, Michele!! I try not to get out at this time of the year any more than I have to.....but your color of band aid would work for my car....about the same color as my car. LOL

li-bee-ti said...

This is simply cute card!
It made me smile a big one...
I love it!

Rose said...

i laughed so hard i spit out my hot cocoa when reading your post!!! LOL have you been watching me park?? fantastic fun card!! :0)